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About us


Start-up incubator of Agro&Food Innovations

ISANATUR is a young biotechnological based SME aiming to lead niche markets within the food ingredients design, production and commercialization

Our objective is to facilitate access to natural and healthy food ingredients at best value. The production process is located in Spain exploiting the full potential of the Mediterranean diet and raw materials. ISANATUR brings new formats of revalorization sourced from by-products of ecological agricultural practices

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ISANATUR´s strengths
Strategic Pillars
  • Sustainability and "biomass biorefinery" approach
  • Revalorization of by-products from the agro-food industry
  • "Naturalness" and exploitation of natural ingredients
  • Low-price ingredients with added health value
  • "Up-cycling" and environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Involvement in society and health
  • Respect for all stakeholders interests
  • Respect for gender and human rights


Isanatur is specialized in the production, commercialization, and distribution of value-added nutritional ingredients to be ideally used in dietary supplements and functional foods.

Functional food refers to food or food substances that provide health or disease prevention beyond its nutritive value

There is a growing knowledge that the diet influences health, quality of life, and chronic diseases of aging. This has evolved a self-care movement of the consumers managing their own health by choosing for healthier food solutions and lifestyles. This has boosted the research and development of functional foods, which has emerged and expanded greatly in the last decades. Isanatur has recently joined this field of research with strong strategic pillars


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